ANGELS IN HELL: Give This To The Children*

At the turn of the 20th Century, when it’s nearer and nearer toward a tumultuous world, we fortunately have two persons (I don’t want to call them great man and woman, although they really are) whose names whenever referred to, everyone would find peace and goodness. They are His Holiness Dalai Lama 14th and Mother Theresa.His Holiness said in preaching séance: (Excerpt from Dalai Lama, NTY)On the Compassion and Kindness a man should have, Mother Theresa told an anecdote: (Excerpt from Mother Theresa, NTY)

In another preaching session, His Holiness Dalai Lama also said: (Quote from DLLM, NTY)

Concern about Ozone layer hole would be an overreached attempt, we should be aware of misfortunes around us. Whenever on this world there are persons that suffer, have no protection and no place to live… they need our attention. Yes, there are plenty of extremely unfortunate children who are longing our sharing.

After the Fundraising event “An Evening If You Love Me” for the VOICE, an organization led by Host Thuy Duong, operating in Kampuchea to prevent small girls from being trapped into prostitution industry of the land, in the same evening I’ve handed all monetary contributions received (an incredulous marvelous response beyond expectations) to VOICE, and in the spirit, adopted by His Holiness Dalai Lama and Mother Theresa, it meant you individually in person and wit motto “Take and give this to the Children” I went to Cambodia by myself, by my own money, not by some extracted from the Fund.

Cambodia is presently a paradise to sex devils, a hiding place and storage transit to traders of girls for sexual business; most of the girls come from Vietnam.

Here’re again some words from Dalai Lama: (Quote from DLLM, NTY)

This tragedy is embedded now in Cambodia; while young girls not yet grown up have to be taught that: “If you want to have golden rings splendidly embellish your wrists, reddened like everyone else, go do prostitution and you’ll have plenty”. Everyday when opening their eyes, they aren’t allowed to feel their father’s embraces, lovely kisses from their mother, and otherwise they have to see devils in human face abusing their bodies. Don’t they know, those parents, what they are doing? They’re killing their own daughters. Indeed, girls of those spots could not live beyond 20 years of age, victimized of AIDS.

I recall the story Mother Theresa once told: (Excerpt from MTheresa, NTY)

In the movie Holly, we see a girl in the same attitude; she takes off by herself from the rescue center after being saved from the dirty place. What is she looking for? Of course, she does look for love under the family roof, the thing any voluntary center could not afford to give to her, despise of plenty of love in these institutions.

As we did see above, although she’ll find her mother at the arid foot of a tree on the street, she still loves to be beside her mom. Why there are Vietnamese parents who dare to sell “virginity” of their own daughter to neighboring Cambodia, while she is not entering puberty? Not for any imminent necessity, unfortunately sometime for a set of TV.

On the block of Pub Street, in Siem Reap, most frequented by foreign tourists, we’ll see hanging warning banners in English: “Children’s Sex Tour is not acceptable. If you’ll find any suspicious signs, please call phone # 017 258 222”

Now it declines a bit (not ends) in number of sick “French” men (term generally used for Westerners) after the terrific wave shock hit the whole world by a series of reports “Children For Sale” shown in the program Dateline of NBC, then appear in great number South Koreans, Taiwanese, they flock to Cambodia to “buy a virgin for lucky” embodied in Vietnamese girls at a price of around 1000 US$, it depends on “deal” – price negotiation- between pimp, madam and super Big men (rich, powerful men).

According to Asian tradition (particularly Chinese one and Vietnamese still observe): intercourse with a virgin or a young girl brings forth lucky chance in life to a man, prevent him from diseases and moreover give him longevity.

What’s indeed virginity? This conception seems too vague! Due to this ambiguity, everyday the number of female embryo, if we could count exactly, are going to be destroyed has reach the warning line. In life many other precious things worth more and Although we are passing into 21st Century, but man in many a place in the world is still considered and considers him above and despise woman and is convicted that the reason of existence of a woman in this life should be merely in service to sexual desires of a man!

Anyone, though not a feminist or activist for social injustice, would feel heavy heart knowing any unreasonable and ugly thing roll out everyday on this globe in which “All sentiment must be regarded as equal” as preached by His Holiness Dalai Lama.

It is evident that the concept “Man does count, Woman won’t” of Confucianism is still praised among South Korean and Taiwanese abnormal men as above mentioned and victims of “Child Sex Tourism” were and are Vietnamese girls on land of Cambodia.

Venerable Confucius never advocates to “Man does count and woman don’t”! Those pervert men did not recall his recommends as such: “Rich not avid, poor not vile, and not bow to power”… or “What you don’t like don’t do to other”, it seems very close to what Good Lord taught: ‘Don’t do to other what you don’t want other do to you”, or the “Cause and Effect” of Buddhist Teachings.

Historian Pham Van Son, even right in the previous half of the Century had called upon criticizing faulty concepts in Confucianism:
“Our mission nowadays in a free and democratic regime is to reassess popular beliefs as reasonably and objectively just and acceptable. We should not follow strictly concepts on Loyalty, Virginity, Piety, and… taught by ancient Confucian disciples who being nurtured by favors of ancient royal Courts used their writing pen to falsely flatter and unjustly insult other. If Confucius and Man Tzu were still alive today to listen to their above concepts, certainly they would laugh hear tingly!”

Any religion has to advice man to do good things and avoid bad ones; even Lord Allah himself, does not give word to suicide bombing to kill people and could raise up to paradise with reward of 72 virgin girls?!?! In pre-Islam period, a woman was worth less than an animal. In 7th Century, since the appearance of Holy Prophet Muhammad and his teachings of Islam, the fate of a woman had radically changed. Islam forbids considering a woman as an item of sexuality, allows her to be heiress, do not permit to bury a girl alive and take as sacred thing an education for a girl.

Faith, when falsely extracted, could become fanatics. Very often, from Bible to Sacred Koran, distortions and dubious additions have been done in service to bad intentions of cruel people.

“They are all virgin!”

These are introduction from the lips of a Vietnamese Madam; Lang is her name, she courts customers of a disguised coffee shop in Phnom Penh, they went here buying sex. With great eagerness, Madam Lang led the group downstairs where small girls were concealed; she said it would be $US 600 to buy virginity of a girl; when interested in any one, a customer could bring her to a hotel and keep her in there for 3 days and return her after to the brothel, it meant the customer could abuse her any way he’d like.

Most part of madams in Cambodia bears Vietnamese nationality. It’s not only the case that outsiders mistreat each other, but plenty of times, even parents trade their children into Hell demons to be badly exploited like terrorists killing people in the name of Holy God. For an example, a Vietnamese family of 13 children that lives along side of abandoned railroad in the vicinity of Phnom Penh. The mother sold her children one by one to brothel to compensate her own debt of which interest could rise to 20% a month. Nee, a girl, now at 20 years of age, was sold by her mother right freshly at 10 to a brothel in Taiwan; she was on the way to sell out Auk, another girl, of 15 year old, the girl ran away in utmost fright. From Taiwan, Nee called Auk telling her sister that she could not locate her working place and disclosed she had to receive tens of guys a day in the brothel so that she was always feeling pain in her tummy. She regretted she could not yet come home because she had not gotten $US 1000 to level her mother’s debt.

My heart squeezes not knowing what fate Nee and Auk would be thrown in presently in Cambodia; and did Nee successfully pay her mother’s debt to save her from physically suffering? Could Auk escape from cruel grip of her mother or has to go through mistreatment in any brothel in Taiwan or Cambodia?

Because this is not acceptable and must be prevented so I had to go to the land of Pagodas and Towers and send myself in front of statues, in mystical Angkor Wat monuments of which some were headless, for questioning Supreme Beings (if exists any). Why could you let this despicable thing happen in a sacred land as such?

* (Quote from Mother Theresa, NTY)

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